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CBO Announced as Under 15 sponsor

CBO Projects, a business consultancy in the Channel Islands, has announced that they will be sponsoring Guernsey cricket’s under 15s team for the 2024 season.

Guernsey became an Associate member of the International Cricket Council in 2008 and Guernsey Cricket offers islanders a range of competitions and ways to enjoy cricket. The Guernsey junior leagues act as a perfect first opportunity to start playing cricket as well as a great stepping stone for those experienced players in to the adult game.

CBO’s sponsorship will help with supporting travel and coaching costs for the Under 15s team in 2024, during both their home and away matches. Plus there’s a brilliant new kit for the team, complete with CBO’s logo, which will be worn in the Guernsey Bowl competition as well as on-island, off-island tour games and the Inter-Insular vs Jersey matches.

“CBO is delighted to support the Guernsey U15s team this year” said CBO Founder and Director Philip Smith. “Sport holds a special place at CBO and for me personally and we’re pleased to have contributed to many sports clubs and events over the years, with the CBO team often taking on plenty of our own sporting challenges! Getting behind these talented young players with sponsorship means they just have to think about developing as players, enjoying their games and they should feel proud to wear the Guernsey kit. “Our support will hopefully pave the way for the local and international cricket stars of tomorrow. For us, it’s more than just sponsorship; it’s fostering a partnership with Guernsey cricket that we are profoundly honoured to cultivate. It’s a privilege to be able to work with Guernsey cricket and we all look forward to the season.”

Guernsey Cricket Player Development Manager and Pathway Lead, Ben Ferbrache, added: “CBO Projects’ generous contribution is very much appreciated. The players have been working exceptionally hard over the winter and are ready and willing to keep developing their game with over 20 fixtures this summer. To be able to go away to play different teams in different conditions will provide good challenges and help develop the boys and hopefully go on to represent Guernsey in future national competitions. With CBO’s sponsorship, the U15s team can go from strength to strength and I am extremely grateful for CBO’s support.”

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