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NEW FOR 2023



Guernsey Cricket has relaunched the Century Club as a QUARTERLY draw. As before only 100 tickets will be available which, dependent on ticket sales, offers you a chance of winning the following prizes totalling £1500 per QUARTER:


1st Prize - £750.00

2nd Prize - £400.00

3rd Prize - £250.00

4th Prize - £100.00

Until such time as the Lottery is fully subscribed, the third and fourth prizes may be dropped and/or prizes reduced pro-rata.


The draw will take place on the last Friday of March, June, September and December(*) with results published on the website and via social media.

(*) last Friday before Christmas Day

The revenue raised will be used to fund junior cricket develop on the Island and we are asking for your support in this fundraising event by purchasing at least one ticket at £10 per month.

Tickets may be sold to individuals or to a syndicate. The ticket holder has the option of paying monthly or paying annually in advance by debit card (PayPal) bank transfer or cash. If sold to a syndicate, the ticket holder will be responsible for the payments. 

All payment options are detailed via the link above.

To support this fundraising initiative, click on the link above or below.  

March Draw WINNERS

£750 - Stu Bisson

£400 - Jamie Nussbaumer

£250 - Mark Savage

£100 - Pauline Hogg


£750 - Bex Hubbard

£400 - Steve Hogg

£250 - John Lewis

£100 - Matt Stokes

September Draw WINNERS

£750 - Paul Oliver

£400 - Andy Bisson

£250 - Chris Edwards

£100 - Peter Birch

December Draw WINNERS

£750 - Leigh Le Page

£400 - David Piesing

£250 - Brian Martel

£100 - Alice Davis

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