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Guernsey Cricket
Awards Night

Our 20203 Annual Awards Winners


Player of the Year - Matt Stokes

Young Player of the Year - Luke Bichard


Weekend Player of the Year - Adam Martel

Veteran Player of the Year - GH Smit


Guernsey Cricket Board Women Player of the Year - Claire Jennings

Lady Taverners Women Player of the Year - Rosie Davis

Women’s Young Player of the Year - Molly Robinson


Ralph Anthony Shield - U19 Player of the Year - Charlie Forshaw

Robin Roussel Memorial Trophy - Harry Johnson

GACUS Spirit of Cricket - John Wills

Alan Hamilton Memorial Trophy - Services to Cricket - Rob Hutchinson

GCB 6 Cricketers of 2023 -                   

Tom Nightingale

Matt Stokes

Krista De La Mare

Luke Bichard

Dane Mullen

Adam Martel


Evening League


EL1 - Independents CC       

EL2 - Optimists 2

EL3 - Salemites CC

EL1 Spring KO Cup - Independents CC


EL1 MVP - Tom Nightingale

EL1 MVP – Batting - Tom Nightingale

EL1 MVP – Bowling - Jack Brown


EL2 MVP - Dan Moore

EL2 MVP – Batting - Phil Smith

EL2 MVP – Bowling - Dom O'Brien and Steve Le Cloarec

EL3 MVP - Joe Ingrouille

EL3 MVP – Batting - Joe Ingrouille

EL3 MVP - Bowling - Mark Fenwick

Weekend League Championship - Cobo CC

CI League - Griffins CC

Weekend League Bowl – Elizabeth College


Championship MVP - Matthew Stokes 

Bowl Trophy MVP - Callum Harvey

CI League MVP - Adam Martel

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