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Man! Where do I start talking about the incredible service and fun Beyond Luxury villlas Mykonos brings for any group. I have been going to Mykonos for over 4 years now; and these guys are the absolute best hosts anyone could ever imagine. Turn off your brain, leave your worries and frustrations with your day to day back home, and enjoy an incredible escape to this incredible island. From the minute I landed to the moment I took off, I did not have to worry about what to do, where to go, or how to get there. Every day was a new adventure and I found myself at the best restaurants, with the most iconic views, and was able to avoid the frustrations that can come along with a trip to a popular vacation destination like mykonos. We never had to deal with long waits, and even with our large group of unpredictable late 20s to late 30 year olds they always managed to make our reservations work and get everyone home safely. I could go on for days, but these guys are truly unbeatable. Un-beat-able. Thank you guys so much, can’t wait for what next year brings!